8月份 Point Carbon 譯文

31.08.07 UN climate chief supports per capita GHG targets

Setting greenhouse gas emissions targets relative to countries' population is the "only equitable ultimate solution" in the long run, according to Yvo de Boer, head of the UN climate change secretariat, as global climate talks stumble.
聯合國氣候變化委員會主席,Yvo de Boer,在全球氣候會談遭遇瓶頸時表示,依據國家人口數設定溫室氣體減量目標,才是長期唯一公平的解決方案。

30.08.07 Market for avoided deforestation would slash global emissions: report

The UN should establish a new market for greenhouse gas emissions reductions from forest preservation and design it to merge with the Kyoto protocol’s global carbon trading programme, according to a proposal released today by the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP).

30.08.07 Kyoto countries discuss GHG reductions of 25-40 per cent by 2020

Countries that have ratified the Kyoto protocol are this evening in Vienna discussing setting "indicative" targets for rich countries to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 25-40 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, but delegates find it unlikely an agreement will be reached.
(好鳥的新聞 -_-)

30.08.07 Interview: Carbon credits should be rated like any other asset

Of the growing number of UN registered greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, it is unlikely that the total promised volume of credits will be delivered. Ian Johnson of Idea Carbon explains why, and gives reasons for carbon credits to be rated like other assets.
就聯合國登記溫室氣體減量計畫案的成長數字看來,不太可能所有承諾的額度都是被實現。Idea Carbon的Ian Johnson解是為何碳減量額度應該像其他資產一樣需要評價。

29.08.07 US to propose post-2012 GHG target: negotiator

The US will propose a long-term domestic greenhouse gas emission target when it meets with the world’s biggest emitting countries later this year, according to the country's chief climate negotiator, Harlan Watson.
Harlan Watson表示,美國將在今年稍晚與其他溫室氣體排放大國開會時,提出長期國內減量目標。

24.08.07 Germany announces GHG emissions reduction plan
The German cabinet today announced it has agreed on a series of measures designed to bring the country's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions down to 60 per cent of what it emitted in 1990.
(老新聞,但又跟之前消息說無法達成有矛盾,what happen?)

23.08.07 European ETS commentary: CO2 ends up on rebounding energy prices
European carbon prices rose more than 1.0 per cent on Thursday, with rebounding energy prices – oil, gas and German power – helping the CO2 market recover somewhat from a four-month low hit in the previous session, traders said.

23.08.07 Canadian green groups plan lawsuit against government over Kyoto
Canada's environmental groups are considering taking legal action against the country’s Conservative government for failing to show how it would achieve the greenhouse gas emissions required by the Kyoto protocol, an international agreement to combat global climate change.

23.08.07 German electricity consumption down 1.1% in first six months
Electricity consumption in Germany, the EU's biggest greenhouse gas emitter, declined by 1.1 per cent year-on-year in the first half of 2007, according to the German electricity industry association (VDEW).

23.08.07 Update: CCX to launch CER futures contract
The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) will Friday launch financially-settled futures contracts for certified emission reductions (CERs), tradable credits generated by UN-certified clean development mechanism projects, the company said in a press release.

23.08.07 Kyoto projects could generate $100 billion: UN
Demand for projects that generate greenhouse gas emission-reducing credits could be as high as 6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and total as much $100 billion (€74 billion) in 2030, according to a new UN report.

22.08.07 Denmark targets CO2 emissions in tax reform

The Danish government has scrapped a threshold on energy taxes, in a move the country hopes will lower carbon dioxide emissions by 400,000 tonnes per year.

22.08.07 German climate package unlikely to meet targets: Ecofys
A draft 30-point plan for reducing Germany's greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough to meet the country's emissions reduction targets, according to environmental consulting firm Ecofys.

22.08.07 Midday market update: Carbon under pressure from German power
EU 2008 carbon allowances fell 1.5 per cent on Wednesday morning as German baseload power for next year was pounded to a four-month low, traders said.

22.08.07 Power sector sees rising revenue from EU ETS, Fortis says
Power generators have seen rising revenues by participating in the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) in 2005 and 2006, while most emissions-intensive industrial sectors were less fortunate, according to Fortis, a major European bank.